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     God cares about food and eating - he made our bodies need it. "Don't try to be more spiritual than God. He likes matter, he thought it up." (C.S. Lewis).




     Jesus fed hungry people and 

          He gave them sustenance for their souls.
                                  We can too.



     OK, if you're paying any attention at all, you've seen the pattern emerge in the "Making Him Known" series we're in right now:

          1 - God's goal for each person is to make them like Jesus, no matter what it takes and for as long as it takes.  

          2 - Jesus made the Father known by:  curing blindness; healing deaf people, miraculously multiplying food to feed people, and all the other things He did and said.

          3 - We can't do the miracles thing, BUT, we CAN learn to live like Him, helping people learn to "see" (Understand) what life is really about, show them what it looks like to listen to the Father, (Becoming sensitive to and tuned in to the Father's frequency), and we CAN supply food for people's physical needs as well as sustenance for their souls.







     If you want to review 'Making Him Known by Listening to the Father' main points, click HERE.

     This Sunday, we get to watch Jesus in action again but not with a "big-time" miracle like walking on water or curing someone of leprosy.  We will read the eyewitness accounts of him supplying food.  Just bread.  Just fish.  

     If I am to learn to live like Him, if you're going to become as much like Him as possible, then we are going to have to SEE the things He did, understand why He did them, then do those things to the best of our ability.

     We'll talk for a bit about WHY Jesus provided food, what we know about HOW it happened, and then explore WHAT ways we can live like Him and make the Father known to people.

     I've really been learning lots from this series.  I think some of you are too from the feedback.  

Looking forward to it!


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